Аудиокнига The Woodlanders Thomas Hardy

The Woodlanders - Thomas Hardy
Автор: Гарди Томас
Издательство: Wordsworth, 2018 г.
Серия: Classics
Исполнитель: Хурмузов Трофим Владиленович
Верстка: Кауненко Роберт Адрианович
Размер аудиокниги: 218 MB
Продолжительность: 13 ч. 17 мин. 57 сек.
Качество: 128 КБ/с

О аудиокниге "The Woodlanders"
Educated beyond her station, Grace Melbury returns to the woodland village of little Hintock and cannot marry her intended, Giles Winterborne. Her alternative choice proves disastrous, and in a moving tale that has vibrant characters, many humorous moments and genuine pathos coupled with tragic irony, Hardy eschews a happy ending. With characteristic derision, he exposes the cruel indifference of the archaic legal system off his day, and shows the tragic consequences of untimely adherence to futile social and religious proprieties. Скачать The Woodlanders Thomas Hardy.

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